Nursing Research Papers: Writing Guide & 35 Sample Topics

Like every other discipline, the nursing field is another area with an unlimited amount of researchable topics. There is always ongoing research being conducted in this discipline. As a result, nursing students are often subjected to several nursing research papers before graduation. Here, students are tasked with the responsibility of researching under-researched nursing areas.

What makes nursing research paper writing different from others is that it has to be a unique topic. Your nursing research paper must tackle a nursing issue that hasn’t gotten proper attention. Therefore, the basis of every nursing research starts with good nursing research topics. However, there are other important things to note to aid your research writing, and we have provided a few tips here.

How to write a nursing research paper that stands out

While writing a nursing research paper is mandatory for nursing students, most students struggle with it. The challenge is usually the problem of how to start nursing research or continue writing one. Here are easy steps to write any nursing research paper:

  • Choose a researchable topic

Your research paper writing difficulty begins with your chosen topic, so choose wisely. Choose a topic that’ll provide adequate and engaging information.

  • Conduct thorough research

Qualitative research in nursing is paramount because you are dissecting a topic that could help future nursing practices. So, make sure to spend enough time during the research stage. The research also provides you with more writing information.

  • Draft an outline

Your outline helps you fit all your points and ideas into a structure for your paper. Make sure to always start with a nursing research paper outline.

  • Quote authorities

Make sure you are quoting relevant sources while writing your nursing paper. Supporting your findings and opinions with sources informs the quality of your work.

  • Follow the writing format

There is a writing format for research papers. There is also a specific writing format applied to different disciplines. Find out which is used in nursing and ensure to use it while writing.

Top research topics for nursing students

In the nursing field, there are numerous research areas and specialties. New study areas in applied nursing research and other research areas keep springing up. Here are some exciting nursing topics to guide your topic selection process.

Critical care nursing research topics

  1. How critical care nurses play a role in palliative care
  2. The role of critical care nurses in preventing the spread of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients
  3. How critical care nurses practice asepsis when dealing with wounds on an open abdomen
  4. An evaluative study on the challenges of critical care nurses
  5. The importance of extending critical care to rural and underserved areas
  6. How critical care nurses assess pain through physiological and physical monitoring

Health care research questions

  1. How does the government play an active role in developing free healthcare in rural areas?
  2. Why is it essential for both public and private investment in the rural healthcare system?
  3. Is mandatory overtime essential for good healthcare practice?
  4. How does the nursing shortage impact patient care in healthcare?
  5. How efficient are electronic healthcare records systems?
  6. How can mental health issues be prioritized in children?

Labor and delivery nursing research topics

  1. A study of antenatal and postnatal practices in Rural areas
  2. How to care for the mental health of pregnant women
  3. The critical practices of midwifery continued care
  4. Safety delivery rules for obese pregnant women
  5. How to deal with mental health challenges of women in labor
  6. How do labor pains affect the psychological well-being of new mothers?

Interesting nursing topics to research

  1. How to approach breast cancer treatment in pregnant women
  2. A study of the various challenges associated with menopause
  3. A critical study of female sex health disorders
  4. How to deal with sleep disorders in new mothers
  5. Addressing PTSD in army veterans
  6. A study of aseptic practices in primary healthcare

Pediatric nursing research topics

  1. A study of child abdominal pain management and cure
  2. The importance of integrating childcare services within the primary care health center
  3. Addressing speech disabilities issues in toddlers
  4. The causes of seizures in infants
  5. The importance of addressing the harmful impacts of child obesity
  6. A critical study of ADHD causes and treatments for children

Psychiatric nursing research topics

  1. Proper care ethics for psychiatric patients
  2. The harmful effect of the use of force on psych patients
  3. Addressing bipolar disorder II in young adults
  4. Body dysmorphia and its effect on the human psyche
  5. Alcohol addiction and its psychological impact on addicts


The nursing field has various specialties; within each specialty, there are thousands of topics to work on. The above topics are some topic search guides. However, always seek professional academic help when choosing a research topic.

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