Great Topic Choices for Your Research Paper

In nearly every project, “starting” is often the most difficult part. This is particularly true in a research paper because it is a project that takes up much time and is worth a big part of the grade.

If you are having similar issues as you begin your paper, then read on for some advice and topics to choose from.

How to pick a topic

1. Choose something you know: Some students opt for topics that may impress their teacher. The problem, however, is that the more unfamiliar the topic is, the harder it will be to understand the arguments, making your final product unimpressive. So pick something you are familiar with, so it will be easier to thoroughly discuss the issue.

2. Ensure there are enough resources: Aside from picking something you know, you must ensure there is a sufficient amount of references. If not, it will be hard to support your paper. Before you settle on something, take a look online and in the library for materials for both sides of your possible issue. A safe range is three to five resources for each argument. But if there are not enough, then consider your next favorite topic instead.

Options for those who are stumped

Despite one’s best effort to think of a topic, some people still find themselves stumped about what to choose. If this is you, consider some of these research paper topics in different fields.


  • Are there any merits to the fad diets of today?
  • Should marijuana be legalized nationwide for medical purposes?
  • How are companies addressing the health issues of their employees?
  • Are kids getting enough exercise at school?
  • Should assisted suicide be allowed in hospitals?
  • How concerned are parents about childhood obesity?
  • How can the government ensure medicines are affordable?


  • Are standardized tests hurting or improving education?
  • Should homework be removed from elementary schools?
  • Should children be allowed to choose their own subjects?
  • How do government-funded schools compare to private schools?
  • What are the biggest difficulties that teachers today face?
  • Do schools still need libraries?
  • Should teachers become stricter?


  • Is culture appropriation okay?
  • How is k-pop influencing the youth today?
  • How do the youth today view racial discrimination?
  • How can discrimination at schools be better handled?
  • Is there too much nudity on TV?
  • What are the top three culture-defining trends of the past decade?
  • Have people today lost their taste for the classic arts?


  • How are the youth influencing business practices?
  • How can government help small businesses?
  • Are unions helping or hurting business?
  • Is it okay for advertisers to target young children?
  • Is it easier to run a family now compared to 20 years ago?
  • Should companies implement a 4-day work week?
  • Do you need a degree to successfully run a business?


A research paper can be interesting if the topic you chose is something stimulating for you. So choose something you love and make sure there are enough resources for a great paper. Happy writing!

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