45 Best Topics for History Research Paper + Writing Guide

Research paper writing in college is mandatory. It’s only possible to go through college by writing academic papers. The research papers usually come as term papers, assignments, or projects. Regardless of discipline, college students will always encounter them whichever way they come.

This applies to students within the history discipline; while in school, you’ll be required to write a history research paper. Unlike other disciplines, history papers follow a specific pattern. You must study historical events while presenting a critical essay in a research format. There are several things to guide your writing process, and below are some of them.

Tips for writing a history research paper for college students

When preparing a research paper, specific tips will guide your writing process. That also applies to your history research paper. Here are essential tips for every history paper writing:

  • Always refer to past materials for information and a writing guide.
  • For one event, read two to three different accounts on them for a better perspective.
  • Ensure to draft a history paper outline. Your history research paper outline guides the structure of your work throughout the writing process.
  • Follow the recommended history paper format by your professor.
  • Select an interesting topic for history paper.
  • Discuss your chosen topic with others to gain more perspective for your research
  • Avoid plagiarism; your work is to create new information from past information, providing your unique perspective.

Best history research paper topics for college students

History is a broad discipline that encompasses various research areas. Below are some research paper topics history discourse from different areas.

Interesting history paper topics for college students

  1. A study of the rise of the great resignation in 2020
  2. The participation of the United States of America in World War 1
  3. The study of the Dahomey warriors and why they are popular in history
  4. An evaluative study of the old Oyo empire
  5. How World War II impacted the slave trade
  6. How Harriet Tubman played a vital role in the Underground Railroad
  7. A study of racism and the Rosa Parks story

American history research paper topics

  1. A study of the American Civil war of the 1960s
  2. A critical evaluation of the Jim Crow America
  3. What led to the great migration?
  4. The great depression and how it impacted Americans
  5. The struggles of slavery in the 1800s America
  6. A study on how the New Deal saved the United States from the Great Depression

Art history research paper topics

  1. A study of the Trojan War in the Greek Art
  2. What are the features that surrounded the Chinese Art Feudalism Era?
  3. A study of the earliest works of Leonardo da Vinci’s Early Work
  4. The role of costume works in the early Italian renaissance between 1420-1490
  5. A study of how Art influenced Postcard Design across the globe
  6. A look into how women were represented in the ancient arts
  7. A study of the ancient Nok arts
  8. A look into how ancient arts paved the way for modern-day arts

Easy history research paper topics

  1. A study of the rise and fall of Julius Caesar
  2. How religion influenced everyday life in the Middle Ages
  3. A critical study of the literature of the romantic era
  4. A look at the practice of Chivalry in the Middle Ages
  5. The study of the Abraham Lincoln assassination
  6. A study of the Women’s Civil Rights movements from 18th century France
  7. What were the major causes of the Great Migration?

Good history topics for research paper

  1. Family life and displacement amid the Great Migration
  2. Black women in the workforce during slavery
  3. The rise of the first feminist movement
  4. A study of the suffragette movement
  5. The first Vs. Second feminist wave
  6. A study of black women in Art and literature

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. A contrast between the second and third feminist wave
  2. The impact of the Holocaust
  3. A study of the abolitionist movement
  4. Martin Luther King’s role in the American Civil Rights movement
  5. A study of Black history legends

World history research paper topics

  1. A study of the Aba Women riot of the 1920s
  2. The rise of the Covid virus in Wuhan, China
  3. The rise of colonialism in West Africa
  4. The study of the French Revolution
  5. The study of the 1920s women’s movement in Spain
  6. A look into the first phase of the French Revolution


There are several areas and events you can derive history topics from. This is why it is easy for history students to make choices – we can tell because it was easy for us to provide you with these topics.

While choosing a topic is easy, we advise you to go for topics with more depth and interest.

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