Organifi Green Juice Powder Review

Welcome to my Organifi Green Juice Powder Review. Read my review to know whether Organifi Green Juice has any side effects and the recipes involved in it?

Product Name : Organifi Green Juice

Founder : Drew Canole

Official Website : CLICK HERE

organifi green juice powder

Life today is moving at a faster pace than ever; but even then, there’s a growing need among people to eat natural healthy food. People would rather have home cooked food rather than eat processed food. The concern is very natural and practical as obesity and other diseases are thwarting our physical health. But lack of time is one of the things that remain as a hurdle. Can we also save time and maintain our health? Perhaps this is the question that leads so many to find a solution in health supplements.

There are many new food supplements now present in the market to cater to this growing need for our generation, but not all of them are reliable. You must have already heard about Organifi Green Juice and are probably wondering whether it is reliable or not. Fret not; we are here to give you a detailed description of the product so that you can make an informed decision.

Organifi Green Juice in a Nutshell

Organifi Green Juice claims to be made from gently dried super foods. It was released by Drew Canole, who claims that having this fruit juice has transformed his life and thus, he wishes to share this with the rest of us now. It is basically aimed to help us reach optimal health in a natural way – it will fill up the holes in our diet and provide us all the nutrients which we lack in our regular food habits.

It claims to reduce stress, boost mental clarity, release anti oxidants in the system, rejuvenate the skin and improve the immune system. In fact, the product claims “In just 30 seconds a day, you can supercharge your life, restore glowing good health and feel decades younger!”

Most of us have heard of green juices. It is a big trend now and is known for boosting the anti ageing properties of our body and having other powerful benefits. It improves our health by providing the nutrients which our foods usually lack. In fact, the ingredients it contains are USDA organic and vegan friendly. The makers claim that it is absolutely free of GMO, soy or gluten.


It mainly contains:

  • Chlorella: It is an Algae which is known to be high in polyunsaturated fats. They are known for the treatment of inflammation and even cancer.
  • Spirulina: It contains iron, protein and calcium in high amounts and can provide strength.
  • Coconut Water: It contains high amounts of potassium and can cleanse your kidneys and help the Organifi compounds circulate well within.
  • Wheatgrass: It contains Chlorophyll in high amounts and thus regenerates and cleanses your blood.
  • Ashwagandha: This is an adaptogen which is known for reducing the blood pressure and increasing mental clarity and focus. It also boosts the immune system.
  • Matcha Green Tea: It also acts as an antioxidant and might suppress your appetite. It mainly contains ECGC.
  • Moringa: It prevents heart diseases and helps strengthen cell walls.
  • Turmeric: It contains anti inflammatory properties.
  • Lemon: It stabilizes the blood sugar levels and alkalizes the body.
  • Beets: These are high in manganese and folate and therefore help thin the blood – which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Mint: Mint acts as a mouth freshener and also treats indigestion, insomnia, cramps and more.

Having these products hand juiced by you might be very much time consuming, not to say, very expensive. Hence, these dried products might be the best solution to your fitness related problems.

What are the Customers saying about Organifi Green Juice?

Checking what the users are saying is by far the best way to check the legitimacy of the product. This is what we did! Organifi has a high rating of 4 stars on Amazon by over 350 customers. Usually by this time, the customers would have an idea of what the product might be like. Since it is a green juice product and does not work equally for every person, the 4 star rating is considered pretty high; because that means it is working on most people by and large.

Those who have it, claim that it is very good to taste – it has a sweetened taste to it. Also, people have reported that after consuming it, they felt high on energy levels. Many people seem to be consuming it for months and are pretty happy with it.


Pricing and Refund Policy of Organifi Green Juice

Organifi is priced in three steps:

  • 1 Bottle or 30 days supply: $57.95 plus shipping.
  • 3 bottles: $149.95 plus shipping.
  • 6 bottles: $249.95 plus shipping.

The shipping charges vary between $5 and $15 depending upon your location. You can also save money by clicking on the “subscribe” button – this will allow you to get shipped your specified number of bottles to your place every month.

Also, you cannot buy one bottle of this product anyways. If you are purchasing just a single bottle, then the program will automatically have you on auto ship. You have to purchase three or four bottles so that you can avail the one time purchase option.

But you can buy Organifi Green Juice on Amazon too. However, on Amazon this product costs $67 for just one bottle, but you get free shipping via this offer. However, this package is of 270 grams per bottle, no matter where you buy it from.

Talking about refund policy, this product does have a 30 day “no questions asked” refund policy. The information that has been provided is that to cancel a product or to get your money refunded, you have to call this number: 760-487-8587.


Organifi Green Juice – Conclusion

Organifi is not a medically produced drug. It is purely based only on natural elements. This means that there are no side effects; but are there any real benefits? This product might take some time to show its positive effects, which may depend on the individual’s body – a week or two; but once it does, the results will be pretty permanent. It will work on any average person who has a need for additional supplements. You can wholeheartedly try Organifi Green Juice as there is no harm in doing so.


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