Inspiration: International Art Book Review

Looking to find out Is Inspiration: International Art Book really works or Scam? Read my International Art Book Review at First! Know all the facts, how to use, how does it work, price & where to buy.

Product Name: Inspiration: International Art Book

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Many of you know how hard it is to get noticed in the world of art. Developing a style and perfecting it take years of hard work. If you are trying to get noticed and start selling your artwork internationally, “Inspiration” book is a way to go! “Inspiration” has become a handbook for every professional collector looking for fresh new names in the world of art. The “Inspiration Art book” pleasantly surprise you with the quality of their book. It showcases leading contemporary world artists, from world recognized names to fresh undiscovered talents. This book really helps you get started when needed to spread the word about your artwork and get the initial exposure!

About Inspiration: International Art Book:

“Inspiration art book” is the key that opens the doors for you for international art buyers and collectors. It was not simple and they have strict judges to pass, but if you get accepted it really takes your art to the next level and gives you opportunity to sell your work! The “Inspiration” book really exceed your expectations. Quality print, solid paper; it looks very professional and perfect. The purpose of the book is simply to promote your artwork. The book does not sell the art directly; instead it opens the doors for you to galleries and private collectors and significantly raises the value of your artwork. It gives you the exposure you need and provides the means for agencies and collectors reach you directly to buy your works! It’s a great way to jump start and boost your career to that of a professional artist. You can get key connections and recognition as a digital art professional and was invited to organize your first private gallery.

Key Points About This Book:

  • 3 500 top artists can’t be wrong
  • 45 000 books are distributed to galleries around the world
  • 1 750 books are going to world-class collectors
  • 189 international art shows and fairs every year!
  • Amazon and other digital mediums
  • ISBN approved, physical & digital delivery!
  • You get your personal physical copy FREE!


3 Reasons Why It’s a Must For You To Be In The Book:

  • Get your artwork to buyers and collectors – We accept only artists who plan to sell their work internationally and make serious money with it. If you are painting as a hobby and never plan to sell your work, this is not for you.
  • Become a world-recognized name – Adding a serious book in your portfolio raises your profile in the eyes of collectors and potential buyers. Over 3500 artists can’t be wrong.
  • Your ticket to the inner circle – Having started as self-made artists without rich sponsors to back us, we know how hard it is for small artists to get their work out there. All those expensive galleries, art shows, shipping and travel costs make it almost impossible for a little talented artist to get the word out. This book is your ticket to the inner circle. It’s the jump start that you need to the world of people who make a living selling their art work.

3 Steps To Get The Next Volume Of Inspiration: International Art Book:

  • STEP 1: Choose the package that fits your budget- This book has all kinds of packages from beginners to advanced artists who want to get maximum profit out of it – and maximum exposure!
  • STEP 2: Submit your art work in digital format – Simply photograph your work in 300dpi or more and submit to the manager. No physical shipping is required.
  • STEP 3: Pass the judges’ requirements – It take this very seriously and hand-pick only the top 100 qualified artists each year. Our strict judges make sure that only quality, qualified artists will join the book.

How Can You Submit Your Artwork?

You will be able to submit your artwork right after your purchase is complete. If your artwork is not yet ready to be submitted, no problem – just book your slot to avoid missing it and submit your artwork later. Submit your art work in digital format. Simply photograph your work in 300dpi or more and submit the photographs to the manager. No physical shipping is required. Remember, our mission is to help you SELL your art – so make sure each painting you submit is ready for sale and includes the name, description, dimensions, style, medium and most importantly, price!


The Advantages:

  • The whole purpose of the book is to help you get massive international exposure for your artwork and get contacts to art buyers, collectors and galleries.
  • The format of the book 296mmX413mm using high quality gloss print with a hard cover.
  • The judges meet once a week for consideration of all works submitted during the previous week.
  • You don’t have to pay us any commissions from sales. Your application fee covers all our expenses, so you will keep 100% of what you make from your sales.
  • The list of the galleries and agencies where it send the book is expanding every year.
  • It provides gallery owners and agencies an easier way to present and sell your work at a higher price.
  • Supply our book to the world’s leading galleries, fairs, private collectors and agencies to give you a kick start in your professional art career.

The Disadvantages:

  • If you are not an original artist. It don’t accept copy-cats, period. Your art must be original and our judges go to extra lengths to verify that your art is not a copy of someone else’s work.

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Overall Verdict:

Overall, I am impressed by quality thick glossy paper they use and it looks really professional. Using this book, you will finally get key connections and recognition as a digital art professional. You will receive offers from galleries and art collectors. It helps you to get your art business to the next level. This book aims you to get serious international exposure and connect the artists with the buyers and collectors. It include a full 60 day guarantee. If the judges rejected your application, you will be able to either apply for next year’s submission without extra cost or get a full refund! It’s really worth it!

Get your application up right now, get noticed, get out there and start making money by doing what you love… painting!


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