Halo E-Cigarettes Triton Tank Kit Review

The Halo Triton Tank Kit is a good kit for the inexperienced vaper to get started. Check out the Halo G6 Starter Kit Review plus many more.

Product Name: Triton Tank Kit

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triton tank kit

If you have been looking for a more advanced electronic cigarette system, For those who are beginning or looking for reliability and simplicity, this is definitely the kit to start with. Triton Series may be a great option. The Triton Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping – two batteries, two tanks, usb/wall charger, a cone and a free bottle of ejuice. A tank is the most common receptacle for E-liquid. Some cig-a-likes, like the G6, use a cartridge system which combines the atomizer with the tank to create one unit called a cartomizer.  Halo provides electronic cigarettes, E-cigarette tank systems, starter kits, batteries, cartomizers, and all of their accessories.

Description About Triton Tank Kit:

The tanks are a four wick coil system which provide full bodied flavor and good vapor production. The Triton Tank System is a sleek, stylish vape pen that incorporates advanced technology into an easy-to-use form. Available in 11 colors, the Triton is perfect for both new and experienced vapers alike. The Triton utilizes a 2.4 ml tank featuring Halo’s Leak Shield technology. Its Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries are among the longest lasting in their class and come available in 400 and 650 mAh. All Triton Starter Kit orders will also receive a free 30 ml bottle of Halo or eVo E-liquid.

The tanks show exactly where your liquid is and there is no guessing if your about to run out and they’re super easy to clean and refill. Triton Tanks are engineered to offer both style and performance when used in conjunction with Triton Batteries. Available in seven different colors, each tank holds up to 2.4 ml, is made of a clear acrylic allowing you to see exactly how much E-liquid is loaded. Triton Tanks feature Halo’s Leak-Shield technology to help prevent spills and leaks, and come standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil, but replacement coils of varying resistances (1.8-3.2 ohms) can also be interchanged allowing for a greater customization. Triton Starter Kit Includes:

  • 2 – Triton Batteries
  • 2 – Triton 2.4 ml Tanks
  • 1 – Triton Nose Cone
  • 1 – USB charger
  • 1 – User Manual
  • 1 – 30 ml Bottle of Halo E-liquid of your choice

How Do I Know My Triton Battery Is Charging?

This kit not only comes with one battery but two, in the color of your choosing, the batteries come charge though you can always charge them more if you want. While charging your Triton battery, the USB adapter light may be red, purple, or even flicker and blink back and forth between red and blue. This is all normal. Once the light is solid blue, it means charging is complete. The button on standard Triton batteries will blink when first connected, then the light on the button will turn off while charging. The USB adapter will blink blue/red while charging. The USB adapter will show a solid blue light when the battery has been fully charged. One to two hours via wall charger.


Here’s Features Of Triton Tank Kit:

  • Maintenance: A cotton swab with rubbing alcohol can be used to clean off the battery connection area. A toothbrush can also be used to get into the grooves of the battery connection. Doing so will remove any film or debris that may have formed. We recommend cleaning once a week as regular maintenance.
  • Triton Tank Holds: The Triton tank holds 2.4 ml of E-liquid. We recommend keeping the tank filled to the 2.0 ml mark and above to extend the life of the coil as much as possible.
  • Triton Batteries: Triton batteries can be turned on and off. It’s possible that yours is currently off. To turn on your battery, press the button 5 to 7 times in rapid succession. Once the button lights up, your battery is on.
  • Time Period: The Triton tank will continue to work as long as there is no physical damage. One to four weeks. This time period depends on your vaping habits.
  • E-liquid: The E-liquid, E- juice, or smoke juice is contained within the E- cigarette cartridge. E-liquid are made of clear acrylic that allows you to see exactly how much is left in the tank. Add E-liquid and replace the mouthpiece, then re-attach the tank to the battery and resume vaping.

Why Triton Tank Kit Is Better Than Using Cigarette?

This Tracer is huge and much heavier due to the massive battery. It makes the Triton feel elegant in comparison. Filling the Tracer tank is easier and cleaner than I expected. The tank is quite large, so refills will be less frequent too. The base of the Tracer includes an air-control mechanism that is very well designed. Four air intake holes are positioned around the base, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally blocking the intake with your fingers as is sometimes the case with the Triton. The larger your air intake, the cooler and less dense the vapor will be. The mouthpieces are huge compared to the Triton. It feels a lot more like wrapping your lips around a cigar than a cigarette. The backlight on the Tracer’s firing button is very hard to see in sunlight or a brightly lit room.

The Advantages:

  • The four-port adjustable airflow Tracer tank is designed for cloud production, packing sub-ohm coils wrapped in organic cotton.
  • The battery life is excellent and the packaging is beautiful.
  • The Triton tank performed as expected. Halo quality! No leaking. Easy to fill. Thick, satisfying clouds of vapor and strong, pure flavor.
  • It provides exactly what you need in a small and practical size.
  • The tank comes standard with a 22-24 ohm resistance coil.
  • Triton’s Ion core technology offers extended battery life and its leak- proof tank design creates superior vapor production.
  • It is designed to deliver the most consistent vaping experience.
  • It offer users a variety of colors and sizes to create a customized vaping experience.

The Disadvantage:

  • The only down side to these tanks are that it takes about 24 hours to break them in, but this is the same with all tank systems so it is not a brand issue. To avoid dry hits just just keep it topped off for at least the first day of use.


Overall Thoughts:

In summary, I highly recommend to anyone looking to get into vaping great flavor and vapor with the Triton Tank starter kit and everything you need to get started! The Tracer Tank looks great and performs even better. Every Tracer Starter Kit includes a 30 ml bottle of Halo V-Type E-liquid to maximize your vaping experience. This is normal and does not indicate a defective product. Good tank and easy to replace coil. I promise that after your tank is nice and broken in you will not know how you ever vaped without it. It doesn’t leak at all and has clear indicator on how much liquid is in the tank. It’s comfortable in your mouth and gives you a nice clean hit without getting any liquid in your mouth. Very easy to use and fill. Will definitely be ordering more! Buy it now!


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