Illumination III: Chasing Summer

Paint Party

I never heard of a paint party before, but when my cousin invited me to Reverb this Saturday, July 20th, I figured I could go along for the ride. This concert venue has been operating for two years out of the former location of 1402 Bar & Nightclub, mostly hosting hard rock and heavy metal shows. They have a good space with lots of parking, and I was excited to finally go for an event.

Paint PartyThe premise of a paint party is simple. DJs came in, played dance music, and periodically sprayed paint at the crowd. Paint bottles were sold at the door, so the audience squirted more paint at each other throughout the night too. Now, to be honest, normally I think dance clubs can often be filled with too much ego, but here the paint served to lighten the mood so that no one was worried about trying to look good. Everyone knew what they were doing was ridiculous, and that’s what made it fun. The DJs from Elevation of Sound played a little pop, but mostly a mix of electronic styles like dubstep and hardcore techno, all with a heavy beat.

Reverb is located at 1402 N 9th Street, at the intersection with Pike Street.

Check out Reverb’s website here to find a list of upcoming concerts, and go to Elevation of Sound’s Facebook page here to keep up with future paint parties and other events.

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