Mari’s 6 Pac N Mor: UPDATE

Mari's 6 Pac

Many changes have been made to Mari’s 6 Pac N Mor since I first discovered this store about a year and a half ago. If this is your first time hearing of them, all you need to know is that it’s the largest bottle shop I’ve seen anywhere, offering a huge variety of craft beer from across the nation and around the world.

The biggest change since my first post is that they’ve expanded the bottle selection by reducing the seating to make room for six whole shelves of premium imports. There’s also a new shelf up front devoted entirely to canned craft beers. At this point, they are up to 2,800 varieties of bottled beer, and I hear that might be growing again soon. Mari’s also has draft beer, which I didn’t mention originally, but it is a great touch to be able to enjoy a quality brew from one of their 15 taps while browsing the store. You can also get growler fills, which means taking home a 64 ounce bottle of fresh draft beer to share. Breweries and representatives host tastings every Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, which is a perfect time for your first visit to the shop.

Mari's 6 PacMari Vaccaro, the shop’s owner, recently acquired the entire strip mall and is working hard to make the whole place as successful as her own store. She is hosting a block party in the parking lot this Saturday, July 6, from noon to 8pm. There will be food and music, and inside the store Saucony Creek Brewing Company will be coming down from Kutztown to pour samples 2pm-4pm.

What we’ve learned is especially great about Mari is that she listens to her customers. It turns out my original assumption was wrong. She’s not a huge beer fan. She just pays attention and gets what people want. In fact, if you don’t see what you want, just ask and Mari will probably order some for you! That kind of service is hard to find, which is why we are glad to call her a friend of the blog. Today she laughs about how I used to drive by and think they only sold Budweiser. But after reading that in my first post, she started replacing some of the neon signs to get more craft beers showing in the window. The store’s been around since 1986 and doing fine, so there’s no reason she had to care what I think, but she did anyway. We love and respect that level of attentiveness and care that makes this store so special, and we look forward to seeing what surprises they have in the future!

Mari's 6 Pac

Mari’s is located at 835-8 Hiesters Lane, and they are open Sunday-Thursday, 11am-midnight, and Friday-Saturday, 11am-1am. Follow them on Facebook here, and read our original feature here.

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