Best Chinese Food in Reading

Over the past four weeks, we ordered Chinese/Asian delivery from four different restaurants in the city of Reading. We tried three new places and returned to our usual place for a fair comparison. But after conducting this little experiment, we are about to add more than one to our list of usual places!

Rice King

444 Lancaster Ave
Rice King food

This place is the one I was most excited to try. Ever since they opened up in October as part of the new surge of businesses in Millmont, I was drawn to their professional look and appealing menu variety. As the sign reads, Rice King serves “Chinese/Japanese/Thai,” which immediately sets them apart from other deliveries. We decided to try a little of everything. The hot and sour soup had the right size mushrooms (not too big, please). The sushi—yes, they deliver sushi!—was as good as any I’ve had in Berks County, as was the General Tso’s chicken. My wife got the Thai curry chicken, which at $13 was a little expensive for take-out, but it was so good she got it again later that week when her work ordered from Rice King for lunch.

Wok N Roll

841 Washington St

Wok N Roll food

Wok N Roll is also new to Reading. The owners sold their China King restaurant in Wyomissing over a year ago, and this past August they opened a new shop here in town, a block up from City Hall. According to their article in the Reading Eagle, Wok N Roll’s menu includes a few traditional Chinese dishes not commonly found here in the United States. I’m a sucker for sampler plates, so I got the “Dragon & Phoenix,” which was half an order of General Tso’s chicken and half an order of stir-fry shrimp, both of which were delicious.

Happy Family

632 Greenwich St

Happy Family food

Out of the four we decided to cover, Happy Family is the only one we’ve had before. It’s been our go-to since moving to Centre Park, simply because I decided to call the closest place to home, and it was good enough that we kept calling back. Well, not actually calling. Like Rice King and Wok N Roll, you can order from the online menu found on each of their websites. That’s a great service, being able to click on what I want and then pay with a card. But we ordered again last week to refresh our memories for this project, and to try something new. I got the bourbon chicken, which had too much onion for my taste (for bourbon chicken), but overall not bad. My wife’s moo shu vegetable was excellent as always.

Be Happy

641 Schuylkill Ave

Be Happy food

This place came at the recommendation of a neighbor, and I was not disappointed. I wasn’t able to order online or pay with a card, but that isn’t something that I usually expect with take-out anyway. Our food arrived pretty quickly, and the hot and sour soup was the best of all the places we tried. My spicy shrimp dish was very tasty, but I will say that even though I liked the crunchy diced onions, some people might think there were too many. The menu at Be Happy is more basic than some of the other restaurants in this article, but they serve the basics well. If you’re within their delivery range, it’s definitely worth a try.

Rice King fortune

One response to “Best Chinese Food in Reading

  1. I don’t care for Chinese food (I tried it a couple times 20 some years ago) but I do like to go to Wok ‘n Roll for lunch. It is a quick walk from work. I get the 4 chicken wings (the whole wing) and french fries. $5.05 including the tax and I have a huge lunch.

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