Bottom Dollar Food

Last week we stopped by Reading’s newest grocery store, Bottom Dollar Food. I’ve been watching this building go up on Lancaster Avenue, and I was eager to check it out. I shop at a lot of these discount grocers because if it means cheaper prices, I don’t care if the displays aren’t as fancy or if I have to bag everything myself.

In terms of style and selection, Bottom Dollar is definitely a step above competing stores like Save-a-Lot or Aldi. Maybe it’s just because the store is new, but I was impressed by how modern it looked. They also have more “name brand” products than I’m used to seeing at this kind of store, and they are very well priced. For example, I bought a bag of Tostito’s tortilla chips for only $2. In that way, Bottom Dollar is almost a regular supermarket (with everything on sale), except that it’s a little smaller and therefore doesn’t have the full selection of Redner’s or Giant. They have enough that the average family could probably do all their shopping there, but we definitely could not because my wife is allergic to wheat and needs gluten-free products, which we did not see at Bottom Dollar. They did, however, have a fairly large produce section, which is something to appreciate in a city store with low prices.

Bottom Dollar is worth checking out, and the location is conveniently right off of 422 at the Lancaster Avenue exit in the former AW Golden Chevy lot, making it an easy destination for folks from Shillington, West Reading, and more.

In other news for Explore Reading, today is Mayor Vaughn Spencer’s first day in office. We wish him well in all the challenges that the next four to eight years will present for this city.

I also want to thank my sister for a gift card to Mezcal’s on N 6th St. I am excited to check it out, and I will be sure to write about it after my visit.

2 responses to “Bottom Dollar Food

  1. I’ve been to Mezcal. It’s pretty good, although if you are looking for great Mexican food in Reading, check out Taqueria Jimenez or Taqueria el Carreton. Both are on Oley Street, across from each other, near the old outlets.

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